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Kiaha Myotherapy provides an individualized blend of therapeutic bodywork to address your specific concerns.  A fusion of techniques from my favorite master teachers such as Myopractic (by Myopractic Institute), Orthopedic Massage (by James Waslaski, Whitney Lowe), Sports Massage (by Benny Vaughn), Myoskeletal Alignment Technique (by Eric Dalton), Active Isolated Stretching (by Aaron Mathes), Thai Massage (by Lek Chaiya, Shama Kern) and Microcurrent Electrotherapeutic Point Stimulation (ETPS), are combined with strengthening and flexibility exercises  for practice at home between sessions, to create a successful strategy for muscle and soft tissue pain relief and management.  Let's explore the possibilities for your best body together. 

Kiaha Myotherapy
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